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Location in Sardinia

In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, in Italy, there is the perfect island for your wedding

A magical destination with two thousand kilometers of coastline, white sandy beaches that are among the most beautiful in the world, a crystalline blue sea and much more: charming paths through woodlands where local folklore suggests that fairies, called Janas, still dwell; thousands of nuraghi – Bronze Age stone towers – whose origins some scholars trace back to the myth of Atlantis. This island is also the home of the Giants of Mont’e Prama, mysterious stone statues of warriors, over two meters high, dating back to 1300 BC.

Sardinia is home to numerous centenarians thanks to the healthy food, clean air, incomparable natural beauty and simple lifestyle. This is the “Paradise” that many dream of and which really exists.

In Sardinia, where legends are inextricably tied to locales and traditions dear to the hearts of all Sardinians.

In Sardinia, where there is summer all year round and where in winter you will find snowy mountains, where the breeze smells of the sea, of fragrant herbs and native Mediterranean shrubs.

In Sardinia, where the sky is a brilliant intense blue, sunsets are endless, the night sky is full of stars and every place is unique, because no other place like this exists in the world.

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