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Cagliari Wedding Destination

Cagliari, the city of the sun, is kissed by the wonderful ​​southern Sardinian sea. It’s a romantic and special destination, ideal for celebrating your wedding.

With the Cagliari Wedding Destination project, the extraordinary beauties of the Sardinian capital city with its scenic spots rich in history and Mediterranean culture will provide a perfect setting for those searching for a unique location for their wedding day.

Nine extraordinary locations, between the sea and the city. The Poetto beach is the perfect choice for a beach themed wedding, where you may see a flight of pink flamingos in the nearby ponds, and where the transparent waters, sandy beach and the rugged stone backdrop of the Devil’s Saddle (Sella del Diavolo) represent the perfect romantic setting; the Castle of San Michele for an evocative “medieval” theme, populated with ladies and knights within the ancient walls of the castle; the Public Gardens for a Victorian-style wedding, where the urban context blends perfectly with the nineteenth-century atmosphere, and the Bastione Saint Remi, an impressive late nineteenth-century building in neoclassical style.

Let yourself be captured by the delightful images and videos you find on the blog, on the Facebook page or on the Cagliari Wedding Destination Instagram profile, and imagine yourself in those romantic settings that only a city like Cagliari can offer you 12 months a year.

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